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Harmonize Work and Wellness

Our mission is simple: to help employees feel better, get better and stay better.

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"Impromptu jams, river dips, hundreds of hugs a day. Sessions were amazing. More than anything I got healed from my past traumas."


Transforming Workspaces,
Empowering Lives

At Shoonya Corporate Wellness, well-being is at the heart of everything we do. Through personalized programs, we empower employees, fostering a culture that values physical and mental health. Engaging activities, mindful practices, and expert guidance enhance productivity and nurture personal growth. Together, let’s create a transformative journey of well-being for your workforce and organization.


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Wellness Experience


Wellness Experience

True health is impossible without inner balance

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What we Provide

Why Us?

Holistic Well-Being

Elevate every dimension
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Empowering Solutions

Igniting well-being journeys
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Expert Guidance

Ensuring program success, expertly guided.
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Tailored wellness programs for you
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our purpose

We help people find inner peace by rediscovering their bodies and minds to live with dignity and strength.



We offer a comprehensive range of wellness services, including yoga and meditation sessions, mindfulness workshops, stress management initiatives, fitness activities, nutrition consultations, team-building exercises, and more.

Certainly! We have successfully partnered with various organizations across industries. Our clients have reported improved employee engagement, reduced stress levels, increased productivity, enhanced team collaboration, and positive changes in overall workplace culture.

Our wellness program is highly customizable. We collaborate closely with HR managers to understand your organization’s specific goals, employee demographics, and wellness needs. This enables us to design a personalized program that best aligns with your organization’s requirements.

We employ interactive and engaging activities to keep employees motivated and committed throughout the program. We also provide ongoing communication, challenges, and rewards to encourage active participation.

The format and duration of our wellness workshops and sessions can be tailored to your organization’s preferences and requirements. We offer options for both short workshops and longer sessions to accommodate various schedules.

Our team consists of experienced and certified wellness professionals, including certified yoga instructors, mindfulness coaches, nutritionists, fitness experts, and licensed therapists. They bring a wealth of expertise to deliver impactful wellness experiences.


Tel: +91-6378649003


N-48, Jai Jawan Colony,
Jaipur, Rajasthan
India – 302018

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